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kee (1)Kee is a Lego Mindstorms robot designed as a dog. It consists of three sensors, NXT block, two castor wheels and two tire wheels.

The first important sensor is the ultrasonic one. It is able to scan the surroundings and make decisions in which direction to go. The sound sensor monitored under the ultrasonic one serves as a device that can detect sounds. Thus, Kee could go in this way in which it hears louder sounds.

Two programs are used in the programming process of the dog robot: Lego and NXC (Not Exactly C).


The upper picture show the original Lego program that invloveas all the mechanic motions of Kee. They are divided in different section depending on their functions. Here is an example of the programming code that powers the robot and the sensors:

NXC code
NXC code

The last sensor that is being used is the touch sensor. It serves as a leash for the robot and is able to stopp it when pressed.

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